mardi 21 avril 2009

Tell Me...

Do you blog everything you'd like to,
or do you *censor yourself?
via Remodalista
Are there times you start to write something
and then think, nah, not gonna write that?
I do, I sit down to write and I find myself
picking and choosing so carefully that I just give up.

This frustrates me.
I don't like it but I have learned the hard way
to be careful.

I won't go into it.
Let's just say once your privacy has been invaded
in an extremely unpleasant way, you learn to exercise caution.
I quite frequently come up with great blog posts
on my way to work and then of course once I'm back home,
they've either left my head or I simply think better of it.

Maybe with time this will change.

Maybe not. Only time will tell.

Definition of censor :
Verb : to ban or cut portions of
(a film, letter, or publication)

9 commentaires:

  1. Oui! I do censor myself not soooo much on blog posts but on comments to other blogs... that expression "say somthing nice or say nothing at all" pops into my head... soooo some times I search around the site looking for the RIGHT post to comment on or say nothing at all!
    ENJOY your weekend!

  2. I absolutely censor myself. I say I'm not going to do that and just start writing and then find myself saying to myself "what if so-and-so were to read this?" I sometimes feel I'm not being authentic by holding back and then I realize that's just who I am.

  3. I'm sorry that you've had an awful experience. I censor my kids names for reasons of privacy and I never mention specifics such as name of their schools etc. I suppose I do, in fact, censor my thoughts because my blog is about "counting it all joy", so I try to focus on the positive at the end of each day or two. Not because I'm a "Pollyanna", but I don't really want to give any oxygen to negative thoughts.

  4. I am always censoring myself, trying to keep my foot out of my mouth. Carla

  5. enjoyed your post....i do censor...and, like you, i do think i know exactly what i want to say and when i sit to down type it, it will escape me completely :)
    thanks for visiting

  6. Don't ever censor yourself. Freedom of speech is so important. Sometimes it takes a "thick skin" to say what we want to say. Keep doing it!

  7. I censor in fear of looking silly, but I probably look silly anyway. I always try and be true to myself and truthful.
    I really related to this post

  8. I censor. Absolutely. I really think you have to be careful. Friendly, but careful. Great post!

  9. I, too censor a bit. I sit down to do a post and never know what will come out of my fingers....usually I wait an hour or so and re-read before I publish....just in case. Also, if I'm posting at night after a glass of wine....forget about it...wait till the morning and edit, edit, edit before publishing! Interesting discussion!
    Be well, Laura