lundi 4 mai 2009

Love to Love..

the iconic Citroen 2CV
(launched in 1948 at the Paris Motor Show )
by Citroën Guy
I had a blue convertible one when I was a student in London and
travelled the length and breadth of the UK
and Europe - slowly but surely
(they're surprisingly robust)
A friend of mine calls it a "marmite car", i.e
you either it love or hate it !
See here
for a fun video which is well worth watching for a laugh...
I'd love to know what you think...

7 commentaires:

  1. What nostalgy! I remember some friends of mine had the 2CV! Thank you for your nice comment!
    Have a mervellous week!

  2. Hello I love the car, but when I clicked on the link nothing happened :-(

    L x

  3. Thanks Fab French for letting me know there's a problem with my link - I've added a different video that's a real laugh instead (I'm unable to get the original one to work unfortunately).
    Have a great week ^_^

  4. It is true that this "dodoche" as we say in france, it is an alive myth.I possessed one in the 1980s, She(it)was to coleur orange.!!!
    We saw her(it)from a great distance.!
    Now, those who ave one of it to them the guarding for a tresure.
    good day

  5. c'est drôle car ce matin j'en ai croisé une et je me suis dit que ce serait sympa de faire un post dessus ... et voilà c'est fait !!

  6. Such fun! Is it a French rite of passage to own one of these at some stage in your life?
    Meredith xo.

  7. I love them too! (not only by chauvinism!) but if I could have one right here right now I would and could show off on the english roads!