lundi 1 juin 2009


Sometimes i love to cook,
and sometimes i love to watch

Sometimes i just want to hide under my quilt
and sometimes i want to leap out from under my quilt...

Sometimes i want to be with lots of people,
and sometimes i just want to see noone and be alone

Sometimes i think outside the box,
and sometimes i don't know how to do otherwise

Sometimes i think i can,
and sometimes i know i can...

Sometimes I want to escape for a day...
but I always want to come back!

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am.

Do you have a sometimes?

4 commentaires:

  1. Moi aussi toujours... parfois j'aime ça et parfois ça m'insupporte...

  2. My least favourite one is: sometimes I fit into my jeans, and sometimes I don't!