mercredi 28 janvier 2009

Happy Being Me...


image: flickr

.I keep trying to escape this reality
that threatens to define me
Box me up and go ahead and blind me
Is this really all you think there is to me?
With this mystifying sense of deluded supremacy
You'd go ahead and try me
This misleading sense of equity
With which you choose to judge me
Because you don't feel comfortable in your own skin
You go ahead and blame me
Denying my freedom or the right to simply be
The comb in your hair does it give you such airs?
To think yourself better than we?
Then let that be your portion
'Cause I'm happy being me
Omotoke Olagbaju

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  2. You used my poem on your blog without asking my permission and you have the title wrong as well. It's called 'Ctrl...Esc'