dimanche 1 février 2009

Acknowledging Classic Design...

I've always loved bandanas

and although this may seem like a strange blog post,
I decided the bandana is a classic design
who's style and function need to be acknowledged...

It began when I started travelling independantly and
needed to condense my luggage as I knew
I would be walking everywhere and jumping on and off trains and buses...
I remember throwing a bandana in my bag
thinking it would serve me for so many things:

A headband
A wash cloth
A Kleenex
A napkin
A shower cap
A luggage tag
A towel
A necklace
A Band-aid
A carry-all when tied hobo style
And finally,
a scarf...

. Some of you may avoid this universal accessory
thinking you look like a cowboy or pirate when wearing one
(not that there's anything wrong with that)

Designers from Louis Vuitton to Ralph Lauren
have taken this scarf to a whole new level
by adding their familiar signature...

More recently, my collection of bandanas
(which I no longer wear)
have been used by daughter when skiing or snowboarding
and to tie around our Golden retriever dog's neck
(she doesn't wear the same one as the dog..!)

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