mercredi 18 mars 2009

Hey, You...

can you help?
* The One and Only!

Yesterday, as we lingered over lunch,
a friend of a friend, who's thinking of starting a blog, asked me:
"What advice would you give to someone new to blogging?"
Qui? Moi?
Give advice on blogging?!!
I mean, honestly, who, in their right mind, would ask moi
for advice on blogging?!

Despite my best intentions, I can honestly say
I quite often think of one thing and then something completely
different imposes itself and somehow ends up on my blog
- now, from what I've read about blogs and blogging
on other people's blogs,
this is not the way most bloggers blog...
Posts are pre-planned, thought out, perhaps even written ahead.
I, on the other hand, am still muddling
my way along somehow, pretending I know what I'm doing!
It was my nearest and dearest who jokingly suggested
I give her a list of "don't do what I do" tips!
Nevertheless, I must say, this whole conversation
got me thinking and
I wondered if any of you out there (all three of you!!!)
have better advice...
Which blogging platform do you,
or would you, use?
Any others I haven't heard of?
* I've had this photo in my collection for a very long time - I've no idea where
I initially sourced it; if anyone does know, please inform me -thanks!

5 commentaires:

  1. i have no advice, sadly.
    i have been doing this for almost 4 years,
    fell into doing it by chance
    and just never stopped.

    i use blogger
    although i sometimes i consider trying something
    new...just for a change.
    but the truth is
    i have always really liked blogger
    and i'm kind of strangely loyal to products...
    if i like it, i don't wanna risk change.

    and good luck to your friend with her new venture!

  2. Thanks gkgirl for taking the time to respond - I'll pass on the info.

  3. Hi! Thanks for visiting one of my blogs! Hope you return sometime soon. I'm actually taking a bit of a break since my husband is home recuperating from open heart surgery.

    Ok, about blogging...I started off with a blog on Wordpress but discovered that I did not find the "community" of bloggers I had hoped for. I was posting every day and no one was commenting so I assumed they were not reading. Eventually I decided to transfer my blog to Blogspot and I'm so happy I did. Here I've found many similarly minded women who enjoy much the same kinds of interests. It's been great sharing posts with others. Visiting others and following blogs that offer interesting ideas, arts, photos, etc. really helps to make posting fun!

  4. I use Blogger but I guess they all have their advantages and disadvantages (he said, unhelpfully!). My biggest piece of advice would be 'Be Yourself' and write what you fancy writing, when and where you fancy wriitng it. Some people like to prepare their pieces in advance whilst others write as they go along (if you know what I mean.) There is no right or wrong - after all - it's their blog!

  5. be yourself...i use blogger because it was how I started...comment to get blog is more visual...less words but that is just me...visit again OK!? good luck I think your space is nice! elk