jeudi 12 mars 2009

Less is More...

"...we can describe *voluntary simplicity
as a manner of living
that is outwardly more simple
and inwardly more rich,
a way of being in which our most authentic
and alive self
is brought into direct and conscious contact
with living..."
Here are just a few of my simple pleasures :
(I have many, many more..!)
° a simple fresh salad with fresh seasonal fruit
- my favourite summer meal...
Lucy's Kitchen Notebook

° my fresh, warm, morning baguette - a simple but delicious

Home and Gardens
° my simple garden chairs
° my simple but favourite summer table decoration - an antique linen
sheet; flowers from garden and mis-matched
tableware and vintage silver...
° walking barefoot on the sand - one of my many favourite
summer pastimes...
Decorative Country Living
° summer shopping with my French market basket - no logos, no plastic,
just stylish and practical..!
Simplicity is a quality that is frequently tinged with
negative connotations.

Hence - She's a bit simple - He's a simpleton
- It's so simple anyone could do it.
Simpleness may suggest plainness, a lack of style and sophistication.
I want to speak up for simplicity.
To me it's something that we should often both seek and treasure.
With simplicity you know what you are getting
- it is clear and honest and true,
unadorned and pure...
What are some of your simple pleasures..?

4 commentaires:

  1. Hmmmmmm .... morning fresh and warm baguette ... I was missing it so much when I was in India that now it is one baguette a day ...

  2. isabelle, nothing can beat it, n'est-ce pas..?!!

  3. LOVE this post! I would like to have that salad and baguette while sitting in those beautiful settings!

  4. I love the photo with the footprints in the sand. Gorgeous.